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Christine was my hygienist today and was both thorough and gentle at the same time! I really enjoy coming to Dr. Rosenheck’s practice. Everyone is friendly and caring and professional. A great combination!

Sallie Allerdice

Dr Jay Rosenheck is the Absolute Best ! Both he & his office staff are Amazing & Kind & Helpful. My husband & I drove out of state specifically to go to Dr.Jay. He removed all of our aging dangerous mercury fillings safely and also replaced a crown for me. Dr Jay is extremely compassionate & gentle I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the extensive dental work he performed on both of us. If you're looking for a Gentle, Kind, and Brilliant dentist, then Dr Jay is your man! Thank you Dr Jay & staff we highly recommend !!

Noreen O'Connor

My whole family (7) has been coming to Dr Rosenheck for 20+ years. Great dentist and even better person!

John Creamer

Hands down the best dentist experience I've ever had! I had 2 cavities filled, whitening, and 6 veneers and now have the best smile I've had in a decade. The office coordinators were incredibly friendly and went above and beyond for me. Dr. Rosenheck and his assistant work very well together. They are very informative, and kept me as an active participant in the decisions of my care . I liked that Dr. Rosenheck was humble enough to double check is work with his assistant. They also were as gentle as possible while working on my teeth. Dr. Rosenheck is an artist in his free time, and his attention to detail in his art clearly transfers into his work. Also the prices were great! I have a attached before and after photos so you can see the amazing and affordable work Dr. Rosenheck and his team produce. Thank you Dr. Rosenheck and staff for an amazing experience!

Matthew Chandler
Kay L

Dr. Rosenheck is very professional and down to earth. He personally treated my issue quickly in one visit with little hassle. As a first time patient I was very impressed and definitely will be coming back in the future.

Dan Victor

I was absolutely blown away by Dr. Rosenheck, his wife Susan, Mia and the rest of the wonderful staff. Everybody was so friendly from the very beginning. In the past, I have had some absolutely horrible experiences with dentists as well as dental assistants. So bad, that I would get anxiety at the thought of even scheduling an appointment. Because of this, I put off going for way longer than I should have. After doing a lot of research and finding Dr. Rosenheck, I had decided that I would give him a try. The outcome? I absolutely LOVED my experience!! They were so kind, very gentle and explained everything to me so that I knew exactly what was going on and what the plan would be, moving forward. I left the dentist with a big smile on my face and excited for my next appointment! Wait, what? Excited to go to the dentist?? I never thought I would feel that way or hear those words come out of my mouth! Dr. Rosenheck is wonderful and I have made him my family dentist. I will be going to him for as along as he runs his business which says a lot (it's a 3 hour drive to his office and another 3 hour drive back). I highly recommend Dr. Rosenheck. He did an amazing job with my teeth and his compassion was through the roof :)!!


August of 2021, I was referred to Dr. Jay L. Rosenheck, DDS, PC. One of the best decision I could have ever made coming to this wonderful (5) star General Dentistry loacated in Suwannee, Georgia. The administration staff is AWESOME!! Starting with Susan Rosenheck, and her assistant Emily. Susan Rosenheck has a loving heart. Very understanding and sometimes a counselor. Emily her assistant very helpful when needed in person or on the phone.
I had some problems with my upper teeth. Dr. Jay L. Rosenheck look at my teeth. X-rays were taken. The doctor showd me my x-rays and gave me a comprehensive treatment plan for what needed to be treated. I showed Dr. Rosenheck another treatment plan that was given to me for treatment. The doctor look over this plan and said to me I did not need all of the treatment plan that was provided to me.
I compared this other plan and Dr. Rosenheck plan. Trusted doctor Rosenheck plan, cost, and opinion. This is what help me to make my decision. Dr. Rosenheck was far less than the other dentist recommendation. I was somewhat was nervous, agitated and anxious for the treatment that Dr. Rosenheck suggested. Of course, that was to be expected.
Susan Rosenheck pulled me aside into a conference room. Susan saw pain in my face and doubt. She shared a personal story of herself for dental treatment. When I heard her story, I calmed down. That's when I truly made a decision to give this General Dentistry a chance.
Dr. Jay L.Rosenheck dental assistant, Sherri is just as attentive and caring...from x-rays to assisting along with the doctor. The dental hygienists are just as gentle and caring. the entire staff!!!
I truly recommend anyone who read my review that's searching for a dentist consider visiting this General Dentistry and say Hello! Give them a chance. Become a family member. This was a referral to me for this Dentistry and this is my story. (10) Stars.

Creada Bethea

Dr. Rosenheck and his staff are polite professionals who try very hard to keep you at ease when visiting the dentist. He does great work making sure you are very satisfied with all work being done. The best looking crowns I've ever had! Highly recommend this practice.

Chris Bozzone

Over the many years I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenheck I have always found him and his staff to be the most professional and accommodating people. Their patience and willingness to address my specific dental health needs is superior, regardless if that care is a simple routine cleaning or a corrective procedure such as a root canal and crown. While can't say I always enjoy going to the dentist, Dr. Rosenheck and his crew make it pretty painless.

Michael Knoblauch

Dr Rosenheck and his staff are all amazing! I had a lot of dental issues and was nervous about the dentist. Dr Rosenheck made me feel comfortable and at ease. He is very knowledgeable! Would recommend to everyone!

Lewis On Lanier

I went to a previous dentist and ended up coming to Dr. Rosenheck for a second opinion. He did a phenomenal job and really took time on all of my dental work. He ended up doing a few fillings and fixing a chipped tooth. I have never been more pleased with a dentist. The staff was also very kind and flexible in terms of working with my schedule! I would highly recommend him to anyone. The first day I came in I felt like a part of the family!

Jessica Vadlamudi

Dr. Rosenheck and his staff always make sure I leave with a bright smile every time I leave their office. They have a great team of dental hygienists who care about your comfort while your getting your teeth cleaned. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a family friendly dentist who cares about their patients.

Britain Tanner

I went to Dr Rosenheck for a second opinion. Previous dentist (Dr. G) told me I needed molar on back bottom removed and an implant for $1200.00 which insurance will not cover. I had headaches often and I had daily headaches since the deep cleaning at Dr G's office.
Dr Rosenheck did not remove the tooth!!! He did take accurate x-ray of the tooth and nearby roots to discover the actual cause of pain. He lasered the root and shaved down an area that was causing irritation on biting. No more pain. He also removed the mercury fillings which the other dentist said were no problem. It has been two weeks and I have not had a headache and the achy feeling like carrying a viral load. I appreciate his non-invasive approach. A quality medical professional will always start low and go slow when possible. Total cost $650.00 and insurance will cover 80%. G-d Bless The Rosenhecks and their very helpful staff.

K A333

Over the past several years Dr. Rosenheck and his professional team have provided outstanding dental care for our family; however, I want to comment on a few of my own recent experiences. Beyond filling cavities and making my mouth mercury free, Dr. Rosenheck wisely advised me to consider a dental implant as an option to replace a loose tooth which had been damaged many years ago. He referred me to a great surgeon who did a fantastic job pulling my tooth & inserting the implant. After the implant area was completely healed, Dr. Rosenheck had my permanent crown made and then skillfully and carefully attached the crown to the implant (great fit & color match). My mouth feels and looks better than it has in decades! Dr. Rosenheck is an excellent family dentist and I recommend him highly.
Joseph P. Cadray, Ph.D.

Joseph P. Cadray

My family has been going to this dental practice for 14 years. We have moved farther away, however, we continue to return to Dr. Rosenheck's office! Very professional and caring office/staff...from the minute you walk in the door, Tanya the dental hygienist and Dr. Rosenheck are class acts! I always remember dreading dental appointments growing up, and didn't want my son to experience that as well. Dr. Rosenheck and Tanya have been taking care of him since he was 3 years old...and now he is almost 16! He has always had a great experience even when he has needed a procedure dreading or anxiety for him! Julie B.

Rob Burgess

Dr. Rosenheck is one of the most honest dentists I've encountered. I was told by another dentist that I needed a new bridge, costing a great deal of money. Dr. Rosenheck discovered that the bridge I had was perfectly serviceable. His bedside manner is wonderful and he really put me at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a superior dentist.

Carolyn Eisenhardt

Dr. Rosenheck was my family's dentist growing up in Atlanta. As an adult, I moved to Nashville, TN and have searched extensively for a dentist for my family. I've had many negative experiences with dentists, so I finally decided to go back to Dr. Rosenheck because I know that he does quality work and will always be honest with me and my family. He has been ahead of his time ever since I was a child (he only used composite fillings even 30+ years ago) and he continues to search for innovations in dentistry. It is definitely worth it for me to travel from Nashville to get exactly what I need from Dr. Rosenheck. He has done excellent work from cleanings, fillings, whitening, to dentures for my mom. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenheck!

Karina Hammer

In need of a great family dentist, contact Dr. Rosenheck in Suwanee. For over seven years he and his staff have taken care of all our dental needs with professionalism, tender care, and always seeing us if we have a more urgent procedure such as re-installing a loose crown or whitening for that special occasion. Jay's office is always sensitive to the financial needs of his clients and will try their best to assist clients with a competitive quote for work that needs to be done.

Cecil Palmer

I loved my 1st visit with Dr. Jay Rosenheck! I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past that gave me ptsd and even thinking about going to the dentist gave me anxiety. Yesterday, I had zero. I felt like a member of the family. Susan is so warm and caring at the front desk and they even have a workstation if needed. I had pretty significant tooth pain likely coming from a crown that needed to be adjusted. He made a few painless adjustments and gave me something for sensitivity which pretty much did the trick. I love that he is a Biological Dentist and has Ozone! He is very knowledgeable and is obviously a master at his craft having been in practice for 47yrs. I finally found my last Dentist. I will not need to look for another one. Thank you so much Dr. Jay.

Melissa Arnold DC

I just want to say how relieved I am to find Dr. Rosenheck! He is easy to talk to and he doesn't see nervous patients as an obstacle! I was so relaxed when he started working on me- he is gentle and I was terrified of the dentist before coming here. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable even in at my most nervous. His assistant is great as well- she pointed out things on my xrays I had never been shown before and I really appreciate being treated so nicely- by all of the staff. I will be seeing you again!

Marissa Hinds

I went to see Dr. Rosenheck for my teeth cleaning &checkup in August. All of the staff, the hygienist, receptionist, and office manager were courteous and professional. I received service which reflected a high degree of expertise as well as thorough follow-up instructions. I would highly recommend Dr Jay Rosenheck and his staff to everyone!

Linda Storfer

Friendly and calming office. Real people you can chat with, or who leave you alone if you don;t feel like it. Dr. Rosenheck is very precise and listens to you. Thy did not try to sell me a bunch of stuff I did not need. My mouth and teeth have never been healthier! I've been to many dentists in my life and this was one of the best. I recommend them to anyone with teeth!

John Nesbit

I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenheck's for over 10 years. He has always treated my wife and I with the utmost respect and professionalism that you would want. Whether it's been emergency treatments, routine cleanings, fillings or the dreaded root canals, he and his staff have always been accomodating and caring. My wife and I have been very pleased and would recommend him to anyone without question.

Carl Smith

Before this week, I never thought I would say it was a pleasure to have an unexpected trip to the dentist. Over Halloween weekend, I realized that I had either cracked a tooth or lost a massive filling. Yikes! I would expect trying to get in for a last minute appointment as a new patient would be difficult, but the ladies in the front office were lovely and accomodating.
I was seen almost immediately, and Dr. Rosenheck introduced himself. I immediately felt at ease. He and his hygienist went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. He explained to me in detail what was going on with my sad tooth, and his recommendation for the best way to remedy the situation with a healthier type of filling.
Thorough doesn't even begin to describe Dr. Rosenheck. You can tell how much care he puts into what he does. As a self-professed spazz at the dentist, I've never felt so calm. In fact, I scheduled a return visit before I left! I'll never trust my smile to anyone else!

Meredith Naggar

I'm really satisfied with the staff and service here. I come from almost two hours away and it's worth it. I love that it's an amalgam free dentist's office! (And they remove them safely). They really care and take time to make sure that everything is ok and feels right. They're very accommodating with setting an appointment also taking my travel stretch into consideration while thinking of Atlanta traffic - helping me to avoid rush hour traffic. Wonderful and caring people. Professional. Excellent!!! I would definitely recommend them further. Thank you so much to all of you at Dr Rosenheck's.


I have always had regular six-month dental exams and cleanings. At one of my appointments the dentist I was seeing at the time told me she was watching a tooth that she believed she would need to treat on my next visit. This went on for a year and a half, during which time I began experiencing severe health issues. I decided to schedule a full-body thermogram to try to determine the cause of my issues. Everything on the thermogram was normal except the area around the tooth my dentist was “watching.” I scheduled an appointment with a biological dentist in our area who treated the tooth and put a new crown on it. When he administered the anesthetic I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. A couple of weeks later I called the dentist to tell him that the tooth was still sensitive and to ask that he look at it again. After looking at my tooth, his assistant noticed a tiny space between the new crown this dentist had seated and my gum. When the dentist came in to look at the tooth he told me there was nothing wrong and then charged me for a full appointment. At this point I realized that in order to get the professional care I needed I would have to go to someone who understands that our dental health, or lack thereof, affects our general health, and who cares enough about his/her patients to do a thorough dental exam and then complete the work that needs to be done in a professional manner.
I went to the IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine) Web site to find the closest biological dentist. Dr. Rosenheck’s name is on that list, and he is the closest dentist to me at a drive of about 4.5 hours.
By the time I completed this search and scheduled an appointment, I had several dental issues that needed to be resolved. Before administering anesthetic, he confirmed that I am on thyroid medicine. He explained that this resulted in the need for a different type of anesthetic that would not interfere with the medication. At that point I understood why I had the reaction to the anesthetic administered at the local dentist (with whom I shared the same medical information I shared with Dr. Rosenheck). Dr. Rosenheck’s staff worked tirelessly to get us scheduled, and I am relieved to say that I finally received the dental care I so desperately needed.
Everyone in the office works at the top of his/her profession. The hygienist, Tanya, is the best hygienist ever. Dr. Rosenheck’s assistant, Sherry, is extremely knowledgeable and gave me several very helpful suggestions. Finally, it would be impossible to describe how hard Cheryl and Susan worked to get us scheduled so we could drive to Suwanee, get the work done, and still drive home that evening. I can assure you that every staff member was exhausted when they left for the day, but we drove home with very thankful hearts. We’ll be back in six months—or sooner if necessary!

M Talbot

I am one of those people who gets an anxiety attack bad enough to make me cry when I have to go to the dentist but not anymore. Dr. Rosenheck, his wonderful wife/office manager Susan and his competent staff made the dental experience wonderful for me. Dr. Rosenheck removed my mercury amalgams using holistic methods and adjusted my bite with his cutting edge technology. I have seen dentists for years trying to get my bite balanced and Dr. Rosenheck finally did it! Accolades to this fine group of people and the dentistry they practice.

Eva Herr

People, if you have issues (like me), or just hate the dentist (like me), go see this man! I have had many dentists in my life and I can say that, hands down, Dr. Rosenheck is by far the best I have ever had. As a teenager, I lost five teeth in a car accident, and received implants. For the following ten years, every few months I had the same issue and emergency, causing me pain and embarrassment. I went through a series of dentists up and down the East Coast, who all did a "patch job" that would last a few months before I'd find myself back in the dental chair with a dentist scratching his head. Until, living in Atlanta, and having yet another emergency, a friend recommended Dr. Rosenheck. Having never met him before, he showed up on a SUNDAY and, even though I was in bad shape, he immediately put me at ease. He diagnosed my problems and got to work. He didn't do a "patch job" like every other dentist, instead he got to the source of the problem, and, after two more appointments, truly resolved my dental woes. Almost 15 years later, I haven't had another issue. Dr. Rosenheck, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me!

Mike Bokman

About two years ago, I was experiencing pain in one of my molars that had been crowned. My dentist at the time could not determine the cause, and was leaning towards a root canal. So, I got a second opinion, and visited Dr. Rosenheck. He immediately diagnosed the problem. First, he adjusted my bite, and replaced the poorly made crown with a zirconia crown. Since then, I haven't had any problems with that tooth. Also, I dropped my old dentist, and have been a happy patient of Dr. Rosenheck since that first visit.

Mike Sweeney

Dr. Rosenheck is very understanding, personable, skilled and quick! He had to repair several fillings that were done poorly by someone else, and he made sure they were done right! I have trouble getting numb and he has been extremely patient. Could not ask for a better dentist or person.

Rachel Lacy, PsyD, ABPP CN

Dr. Rosen heck and his staff will make your dentist visits a welcoming experience. My teeth and gums have never been healthier. You can't go wrong with choosing Dr. Rosenheck

Frank “Hell-of-a-man” Brown

Dr Rosenhecks office makes going to the dentist a truly enjoyable experience. Clean and spacious, friendly atmosphere, and great care. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for an all around five star dentist.

Meir Horovitz

Dr Rosenheck has been our family dentist for over 25 years. Not only is he the best dentist, but also, his staff is outstanding in all they do.

Patty Holland

I first went to Dr. Rosenheck back in the 1970's. I moved he moved time passed I needed some work done. I picked up the phone book and happened to see his add on the back cover. I have gone to lots of dentist. Dr. Rosenheck is the best one I have been to. I'm glad I found him and his staff.

Ellis Roach

One of the best Dentist practice I have been to. It is just such a smooth process. I am not too fond of Dentist visits but they keep my comfort as their top priority. I would recommend Dr Jay's practice to everyone for all dentist needs.

Mannu Batra

Best Dental Practice in Atlanta Area. I was suffering with mercury toxicity when I first saw him and was looking for a mercury free dentist. HIs entire staff treats you like a member of his family and I transferred my daughter here as well. Thanks for all your care through the years.

Carla Christian

I went to Dr. Rosenheck for help with my TMJ. The assistance the Dr. Rosenheck gave me helped me not only manage the pain from my TMJ, but also alleviate it. He has been my family dentist for many years, and has always been helpful with all of our dental needs.

Luis Alonso

I recently had two crowns put in by Dr. Rosenheck. I am very pleased with the service and the level of professionalism in the office. Dr Rosenheck's work is fast, accurate, and gentle. I would highly recommend to go see him.

YS Dori

The reason my family has gone to Dr. Rosenheck for over 10 years is because he cares. I went today and just wanted to say thank you to the doctor and his staff for taking such good care of me.

Tj Brown

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