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Dr. Jay Rosenheck Offers Laser Dentistry in Suwanee, GA

Jay Rosenheck, DDS is a leading laser dentist in Suwanee with extensive expertise in utilizing the revolutionary Waterlase MD™. This state-of-the-art laser dentistry system uses energized water to perform many traditional dental procedures with less anesthesia, or none at all. 

Using a dental laser allows for a less invasive, more precise form of treatment that conserves healthy tooth structure.  Dr. Roseheck and the Waterlase MD™ can transform your dental experience by reducing anxiety and minimizing discomfort.

Laser Dentistry Vs. A Dental Drill

Dr. Rosenheck knows first-hand the benefits of using a dental laser over a standard drill.

  • A laser removes decayed tooth structure much faster, leaving the stronger tooth structure in place. By contrast, the drill removes everything in its path can create micro fractures in dental enamel
  • Preliminary evidence shows that lasers also harden the tooth’s surface and kills germs that cause tooth decay.
  • As well making the tooth more resistant to decay, dental lasers make white fillings and sealants stick tighter to the tooth so that they last longer. Dr. Rosenheck can work on multiple areas of the mouth in one appointment -- and no shots are required.

It is almost impossible to injure the tongue, gums, and lips or cheeks with a dental laser What’s more, when you visit our dental office, you won’t hear the high pitched whine and vibration of the normal dental drill. Since the Waterlase laser uses cool water and creates no heat, it also reduces post-treatment tooth sensitivity.

Benefits of the Waterlase MD™ Laser

Advantages of laser dentistry include:

• No shots for most restorative procedures
• Drill-free dentistry - no whine and vibration
• No stitches for minor surgery
• Gum disease eliminated in fewer sessions
• Shorter chair-time
• Children, phobic patients and most anyone can benefit
• Laser detection of cavities before they get large
• "Laser bandaid" for ulcers and sores
• Faster healing of aphthous ulcers 

Our Suwanee laser dentist helps patients experience minimal swelling and pain during surgical gum treatment. With no need for anesthetic injections, there is no numbness and no chance of accidentally biting your lip, tongue, or cheeks. You can return to your normal schedule immediately following procedures, with no fear of troublesome side-effects.

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Learn more about how the Waterlase MD laser can transform your dental experience. Make appointment with our Suwanee, GA laser dentist by phoning (770) 614-4666 or using our online request form.


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