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Professional Teeth Whitening with Zoom in Suwannee 

A brighter smile can not only help you look better, it can boost your level of confidence and allow you to smile openly. Dr. Jay Rosenheck provides excellent whitening results for his Suwannee patients with the Zoom professional teeth whitening system. Our dentist also serves Lawrenceville, Sugarhill, and Buford, making this highly effective teeth whitening system available to many in the surrounding areas.

In addition to chairside whitening, Dr. Rosenheck offers a professional take-home teeth whitening solution if you prefer to whiten at your own pace in the convenience of your home. This tray delivery method is also provided after in-office teeth whitening for maintenance.Teeth Whitening in Suwanee

The Way Zoom Works

Zoom teeth whitening uses a special light and specially designed bleaching gel to rid your smile of stains caused by smoking, consuming dark liquids, and other common habits.

After taking steps to protect your gums, the professional whitening gel is applied tooth by tooth. An activation light is then applied directly to your smile. This process takes about 15 to 20 minutes to be repeated up to three times to achieve the desired shade.

The Zoom chairside teeth whitening process is simple and straightforward, seldom lasting more than 90 minutes. There is simply no easier way to improve the look of your smile if you have discolored or stained teeth.

We work hard to keep professional whitening affordable in Suwannee. Dr. Rosenheck is committed to helping his patients make those improvements that are needed to ensure that you are looking and feeling great. 

Make a Great Impression

We find that many of our patients wait for an important occasion before taking action to improve their smiles. Sometimes people spend months trying to lighten their teeth with over-the-counter teeth whiteners with disappointing results. If you have an upcoming event and want the freedom to enjoy yourself without worrying that your smile is not as bright as you’d like, consider an in-office or take-home treatment that can effectively whiten your smile.

How may we brighten your smile?

If you are considering professional teeth whitening in the Suwannee area, call Dr. Rosenheck to schedule your appointment today at (770) 614-4666.



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