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Now available: T-Scan III with Version 6.0 Software!

T-Scan III is a reliable and easy-to-use clinical diagnostic device that senses and analyzes occlusal contact forces using paper-thin, disposable sensors. The T-Scan III system comes with a full-featured Patient File Management system, which makes storing patient records and tracking occlusal recordings simple, and makes the system an integral component of the clinical workstation for occlusal diagnosis and treatment.

The T-Scan III Occlusal Analysis system can be incorporated into your office in the following ways:

The T-Scan system is a valuable tool that aids in the diagnostic process of analyzing a patient's bite and showing what is and what is not functioning properly. When a bite is unstable it can cause pain, teeth and dental restorations to crack and break, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches, and TMJ Disorder.

Learning Opportunities - Hands On and Online!

Tekscan offers a variety of ways to learn more about T-Scan technology. Attend one of our hands on courses or view a web demonstration from the comfort of your own home or office. You can also catch up on our quarterly newsletter, the T-Scan Times, or view a list of T-Scan applications. We're always adding new events so view our upcoming events to find a learning opportunity near you!

Also check out some of the courses offered by our educational partners:

Easy to Use - Easy to Interpret!

The T-Scan III plugs right into the USB port of your Windows based PC or laptop. Vivid graphics make seeing the balance of the perfect bite easy to determine and adjust. Data can be printed to provide valuable documentation for patient files, patient education or insurance documentation.

T-Scan III also includes new T-Scan software - version 6.0. This software incorporates many ease of use ideas gathered from experience with users, streamlines data collection and improves data presentation, so customers spend less time collecting and analyzing data and more time applying the information and discussing the results with their patients.

2-D Graphical Representation of
Occlusal Analysis.

Making Dental Occlusal Analysis a Science

New evidence suggests dentists have been suffering from F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) when it comes to occlusion. In new research undertaken at the University of Alberta by Carey JP, Craig M, Kerstein RB, and Radke J, the following conclusion is drawn: "No direct relationship between paper mark area and applied load could be found. When selecting teeth to adjust, an operator should not assume the size of paper markings can accurately describe the markings' occlusal contact force content." More Occlusal Myths

Articulation Paper Marks


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